Visit The north east of Canada

Canada is the second largest in the world and she’s got a higher quality of life. And how not? Stunning sunsets, snow-capped mountains, forests and lakes are spread throughout. But most of uninhabited and most of the population concentrates on a small strip south but this is a plus Travel organized trip, as this can be seen, the few most impressive sites, one visit.

What interests in Canada, except landscapes, is the way a lot of different cultures live together under one constitution, uniting them, despite cultural differences. When visiting it, this tolerance is evident.

Canada is certainly a place you should go to it and to its size does not deter the tourists and make them think twice, travel company offers to join an organized tour.

Organized trip to Canada will visit the major cities but however well we’ll see nature in all its glory.

Let’s start in Toronto. Toronto will visit the C building. Ann towering height of 550 meters, at the Town Hall, and Parliament of the Province of Ontario. Also went to the St Lawrence River, to the 1000 Islands Nature Reserve, where we will sail the river and look at the islands scattered in it.

Toronto we walk toward Niagara Falls. Baram observed big water, then go to the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada most beautiful picturesque town, which attracts many visitors.

After Toronto will continue in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. Ottawa will visit the World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal, canal boat that links Lake Ontario and Ottawa. Also we will visit the parks, in Parliament and the national arts center.

One world heritage site will continue another World Heritage site, the old town in Quebec City. Quebec City is located on the St Lawrence River and is one of the oldest cities in North America. The walled city and its interesting sites are the Parliament House, Castle Frontak, Royal Square and City Hall.

Quebec City will continue to Montreal, Canada’s second largest city located on the island and is built around a mountain and then put Montreal.

Montreal is a very populated city and the vast majority of its residents speak French. Montreal will visit the Old City, which is the downtown business center of the city and beneath the lower city, which serves as a shopping center. More will visit the Olympic stadium and Nafil to the top of the tower Haolmfi, which is the highest vantage point in the world.

After visiting Calgary and Montreal will continue the Rocky Mountains. Calgary is a city famous for its oil industry and other famous Festival Western Pleasure is conducted once a year. The festival is open to the public and besides rodeo has parades, concerts and children’s playgrounds.

Calgary is located a few hundred feet east of the Rocky Mountains, a long strip of mountains located within its borders of Canada and the United States.

Rockies are a tourist visitors from around the world, and the appropriate weather where you can enjoy various activities such as skiing in the winter and summer camping. Rocky Mountains there are several nature reserves is greatest when Jasper National Park. The park contains some important historical sites as the old data center, beyond Ilohd (yellow head), used by the local residents in prehistoric times and traders supply station, called a Jasper.

The biggest park we will park the oldest and the most popular, Banff National Park. In this park there are the ice fields starting Bbnaf bordering Jasper, North. The park has hot springs, waterfalls and lots of different glaciers.

Rocky Mountains will continue to Vancouver, prosperous and vibrant city. We will visit the city of Vancouver Stanley Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world, Granville Island, a famous shopping area, lively and colorful. Also we will visit the Vancouver Aquarium, which is considered an interesting attraction. Aquarium live for about 8000 species of different animals like Liootnim, eels, octopuses and even sharks.

The city of Vancouver, cruise to Vancouver Island and Victoria, capital of British Columbia, a city with a charming colonial heritage.

We will visit the Empress Hotel in Victoria and we will sail aboard a zodiac to the Botsard gardens, with stunning botanical gardens, which grow more varieties of flowers from all over the world.

To get a taste of Canadian wilderness, we moved from Victoria to Tofino located in Pacific Rim National Park, the road surrounded by mysterious rain forests and parks with a primeval. Tofino go out to cruise with the goal, Search whales.

Canada incorporates not only the various ethnic cultures but also the urban landscape of cities developed alongside the amazing wildlife and breathtaking views. Many sites are eternal heritage sites which makes it unique and visit it, fascinating.

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