Canada is a country that is made up of an extensive collection of regions, that has been divided into provinces and territories. When one is interested in looking at North East Canada, then it means looking at the different areas and territories, that make up this segment of the country.

Yukon Territory

Starting from the north of Canada, the journey begins with the Yukon Territory. When referenced, it usually is just referred to as the Yukon. It is one of the three federal territories. Many think of the Yukon as the Canadian wilderness. When it comes to the population of the Yukon, it has the least amount of people, compared to all other provinces, and territories. The capital city is Whitehorse, and it is the only city here.

North West Territories (NWT)

Headed from north to east, brings one to the North West Territories; also one of the three federal territories. Again, this region is home to a small population. When it comes to the weather, residents here only enjoy a short summer, that is on the cold side. This is opposite to the winters, which are long in duration and have frigid temperatures.


Originally it was part of the North West Territories and is now a distinct region of Canada. It comprises of a significant piece of the northern sector of Canada. The weather conditions are not much different than in the Yukon or NWT.


Quebec is found more towards the east, and the frigid cold temperatures are not quite as bad. Although Quebec is known for some of its major winter storms, the residents here make the most of the season by planning lots of outdoor events.

Labrador and Newfoundland

This province comprises of the mainland of Labrador and the island of Newfoundland, which houses most of the population. It is densely populated with some very warm and friendly people from the First Nations.

Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia

You will often hear individuals talk about the maritime provinces. When they do, it includes Prince Edward Island as well as Nova Scotia. A visit here will expose individuals to some beautiful lighthouses, and beaches with red sand.

These are the North East Canada regions.

What Visitors Can Expect

No matter which of these regions one expects to visit, they are going to find one thing in common. Those that populate these territories and provinces will offer a warm welcome to all those who arrive there. Each of them has their own special individuality and uniqueness to them, and possess great historical values. Some are undoubtedly more popular than others when it comes to tourism, but each of them will hold no disappointments, for those who like to spend time there.

It is all going to be decided by a matter of which one appeals to you the most.